Traditional Greek Dance Lessons For Kids 12 And Under: LEVENDAKIA

Date and Time 13 October 2017 From: 7:00PM To: 8:30PM

Address/ Venue The Polymenakeion Centre, 30 Thorncliffe Park Drive (at St. Demetrios) Toronto, ONTARIO, View Map

Event Organizer Levendia-X Hellenic Folklore Association

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Traditional Greek Dance Lessons for Kids 12 and Under:  LEVENDAKIA
Levendia-X Hellenic Folklore Association

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Event details

The 2017-18 dance season has arrived.  Back by popular demand is our dance program for YOUR lil' levendes and levendisses - LEVENDAKIA!

Classes will take place on Friday nights at the Polymenakeion Centre (at St. Demetrios in Toronto) from 7:30-8:30pm starting Friday October 13.

Registration Fees are as follows:

- 1st child = $60

- 2nd child = $50

- 3rd child (and any additional) = $40

**** Note: For Levendakia registration, one parent must be member OR a dancer with the Levendia dance group. 

General membership fees are $40 (aged 13 and older). Returning dancer fees are $40 (aged 18 and older).  New dancer fees are $100 (aged 18 and older; only for the first year.)



Levendia-x believes in the preservation and celebration of Hellenic traditions. We inspire generations through our presentation of traditional Greek dance. 

Levendia-X Hellenic Folklore Association (Levendia-X) is an independent, professional dance group that was established in 1996 with the objective of preserving and cultivating Hellenic culture, focusing on Greek traditional and modern dance. Since its inception, Levendia-X has represented Greek tradition at over 100 different venues in the province, nationally and internationally. Renowned for our artistic spirit, and educational and cultural support of the Greek community, Levendia-X recognizes the importance of maintaining the Greek traditions many members have been raised with for the enjoyment of generations to come.

Under the artistic direction of Roula Maragos, who has been studying and performing the art of Greek dance for over 20 years, the group has won acclaim for its dynamic performances and its artistic spirit.

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Tickets and Admission See above details

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