Sport and Play Published on 29 Nov, 2017

Hellenic Riders - Proud To Be Greek

At Greek Events, we are proud of our Hellenic culture.  As Greeks of the diaspora, we believe there is an obligation to ensure our lives are engaged with our heritage to inspire future generations.  Our continued contribution to this goal, is to engage our readers by publishing current events and informing our followers of local achievements of Greek organizations and sharing the success stories of Hellenes from around the world.  

Today's blog is dedicated to an inspiring group of proud Greeks who were brought together by a common passion.  The Hellenic Riders Riding Club is built on the foundation of mutual respect, loyalty and filotimo.  Through these values, they have managed to make donations to childrens charities, support other local Hellenic organizations and cultural events.  On behalf of Greek Events, we wish them continued success.  Below is an excerpt from an open letter recently published by the founder of this riding club, Nick Andricopoulos.


"Allow me to introduce to you the HELLENIC RIDERS RC.

Who are we?

We are a proud Greek motorcycle riding club located in North America. Based on a previous group, I took the old school respectful approach and formed HELLENIC RIDERS.  We are not a Motorcycle Club, but we acknowledge the rules that govern most clubs, and respect their structure and mandates. 

Within our organization, we work together towards common goals without politics or drama.  We are friends that are bonded by a passion of riding, a love for our Hellenic culture and loyalty to each other.  We are proof that true, respectful values can exist amongst loyal Greeks.  The collaborative efforts of all our members promotes harmonious unity with respectful conduct towards everyone within the motorcycle community.  

Besides our passion for bikes and riding, our Hellenic heritage and vivid generosity propel us to make regular contributions to charitable institutions, with a particular focus on children.  We do not seek out accolades, but rather hope our contributions inspire others to follow suit by supporting our youth.  These are my HELLENIC RIDERS. 

I extend a message of thanks to the riders, and everyone that support our organization, trust in my leadership, and share in our vision of elevating the riding experience."  

Nick Andricopoulos
Founder of the

Greek Events